100% Working Free Hotstar Premium Account 2019 (Username and Password)

There was a time when Hotstar was free to watch cricket matches, football matches etc but now you can watch only a few minutes of broadcast for free on Hotstar. Especially for the cricket fans, it was the best place to watch live cricket matches. For the free users, it shows the two or three-minute delay broadcast but you can watch the entire match for free.

But now you have to buy the premium Hotstar account to broadcast your favorite sports match. Means now you have to purchase the premium subscription to enjoy. So here we have something for you, here we are sharing free hotstar premium accounts username and password with you. And the best is that all of the free premium Hotstar accounts logins are 100% working and we weekly update the list.

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Before going to tell you how you can get a free Hotstar account, we will love to share you some basic information about the Hotstar for those who don’t know about it.

In streaming industry, Hotstar is one of the popular videos on-demand streaming platform in India.  The website provides content in more than 8+ regional Indian languages like Hindi English Tamil Gujarati etc.  It was launched in February 2015 and company is owned by star India. Company headquarter is situated in Mumbai and Maharashtra.

At Hotstar you can stream Bollywood movies,  Hollywood films, TV shows, sports and lot more else which you can enjoy here.

The users are free to enjoy Hotstar anywhere.

  1. Access  directly from the website:  You just need to visit hotstar.com and login to your premium Hotstar account to enjoy your favorite content.
  2. Access from App:  You can download Hotstar app for Windows Mac and ios for free from the app store.
  3. Access on Smart TV:  If you are having a smart TV so you are free to stream  Hotstar content on smart TV in simple steps.

How To Get Free Hotstar Premium Accounts

Below are 5 given tricks by using you can get a premium Hotstart account for free

  1. With the help of Bugmenot
  2. Use JIO Telecom App
  3. Use A Virtual Card
  4. Use Cookies
  5. Use our Given Username And Password

With the help of Bugmenot

Bugmenot is a site where you can get a username and password for various of premium services like Netflix, Amazon prime, etc. It can also help you to get free login details for Hotstar premium accounts.

  • You just need to follow the given steps
  • VIsit Bugmenot
  • Now search the Hotstar.com from the search box
  • It will show you the username and password
  • Copy the details and use to login to Hotstar premium account

Use JIO Telecom App

As an active jio user, you can get a free Hotstar premium account. Jio not only just change the internet industry but as well as it also provides free premium services like music, movies, tv shows to their users. But JIO movies has not a database like Hotstar but you can take advantage of JIo membership for a Hotstar paid account for free.

Just follow the instruction below

  • Visit JIO TV App
  • Search for the tv shows (search for the start plus tv shows)
  • As you will click on the tv shows it will take you to the Hotstar

Now it will ask to login, so you have two option

  1. Log in with your Jio number
  2. Tap on skip to automatic login with your JIO details

you are done

Use A Virtual Card

You can use a virtual credit or debit card to get a premium Hotstar account for one or two months. Hotstart provides the few month trials of their premium service. But to activate it you need a debit or credit card. So with the help of a virtual card, you can make an online card for free.

Just follow the steps

First, you need to make a virtual card, let’s follow the steps below.

How to make a free virtual card

There are lots of online website and apps which will let you make a virtual card for you for free.

You can search and find any of one by yourself or you can use Zeta app.

  • Just download the Zeta app from the app store
  • Sign up and make your account
  • Now you need to add 10 rupees to your wallet
  • Now from the account make and access a virtual card.

How to use a virtual card to get Hotstar premium

  • Download the Hotstar app on your mobile phone
  • Sign up and then sign in
  • Now click on the premium content
  • It will ask you to buy the subscription
  • But there will be an option to get a  free trial
  • So tap on the option and use virtual card details to get the trail

Once your trial ended, Repeat same steps again to get one another free trial of Hotstar premium.

Use Cookies

using Cookies is one of the strongest methods to get a premium free Hotstar account.  Cookies are like histories which always saved in a web browser and it always overwrites to the new version.

So here we are going to take some advantage of cookies behavior to manipulate the Hotstar premium account.  Follow the steps as they are given below

  • Visit your  Chrome browser
  • Go to the extension Store
  • Search for the web developer extension
  • Install the first result you get
  • Now go to the cookie section and delete all of the previous cookies
  • Now search Google  Hotstar premium account cookies
  • Import the cookies to a browser

Enjoy your Premium Hotstar  account

Note: In the following step the most difficult thing is to get a cookie of premium Hotstar account.  There are various websites which will help you to get this or you can visit the dark web for this.

Use Our given Username And Password

I don’t think you need these Hotstar username and password because the above methods will definitely work for you.  But in case the above methods don’t work for you so just try any of the username and password given below.










Note:  there are many peoples who always change the password of the account.  We will request you to not to do this. If you are facing the issue of wrong username and password so we will request you to come back here after a week.  Weekly we update our list so that time you will be able to get 100% working username and password for free Hotstar premium account details

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