2019 Free Minecraft Accounts Username And Passwords

It is a block placing game for gamers to visit the world of adventure. It is one of the popular sandbox game which you can enjoy on your Android, Windows, IOS or MAC devices. You can easily connect each other devices with the help of server to start enjoying the game with each other.

Minecraft is very wide that is why there is not any specific way to pay this game. It depends on the person to person that how they are going to play the game. It is an open-ended game so you will decide how you gonna play.

The game is divided into various modes, like creative mode, survival mode, etc.

  1. Creative mode: At this mode, you will get unlimited resources, and now you can imagine and made anything by yourself.
  2. Survival mode: At this mode, you will start exploring the game’s world, gamers have to use their resources to feed, Fight, survive etc.

As I say the game has not any specific rule, so you can invite your friend and make your own rule.

The best part of the game is its regular updates, the developers regularly update the game to make it better with the time.

The game Is not completely premium, you can also play this for free without purchasing its premium account. But free version comes with the limited features and resources.

The premium version of the Minecraft allows you to go anywhere in the game freely and can return as you go. Means with the premium addition you are free in the game to go and return anywhere without any restrictions.

But if you are playing the free version of the game then you will have many restrictions and limited resources.

Some benefits of Paid Minecraft Accounts

  • Go to any stage in the game
  • Return to whenever you want
  • Pause the game anytime and anywhere
  • Start playing from one point again and again


But the problem with the Minecraft premium account is, it required you to pay an amount. And many of you can’t afford to pay. So here you can find the free Minecraft accounts 2018 username and password without spending a single penny.

You just need to copy and use the below-given accounts details. You don’t need to worry, all of the Minecraft free premium accounts logins are 100% working and even we update our list weekly.

Below we mention some steps, you just need to follow the steps as we suggest you.

  • Visit the MINECRAFT official site
  • On the homepage click on the “Login”
  • Login with your account credential, if you don’t have any account kindly register

How to register for a MINECRAFT account

  • Click on login
  • Now click on “Register one here”
  • Now you have to fill the information like email, password, date of birth
  • Create account
  • Your new account is done

How to create a Mojang account

  • Visit this address https://account.mojang.com/migrate
  • Now click the basic details like email, password etc
  • Fill all of the required information and click on the Migrate account
  • A verification email will be sent to your email, so verify it.
  • Once verification is done your previous account will shift to new

You are done, your MINECRAFT account is activated

FREE MINECRAFT ACCOUNTS 2018 Username and Password

Below we have mention pre-made username and password for the MINECRAFT premium account. Just use any of the username and password














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