How To Download Redbox TV APK On Android, IOS, MAC, Windows

What is Redbox TV APK

Redbox TV Apk is an app for android where you can enjoy live TV for free, there are hundreds of LIve TV channels which you can watch for free. With more than 1500+ TV channels options, Redbox TV is a great app for those who love watching live TV channels at any time and any place. The app provides you the option to stream in many different regional languages.

The Redbox TV APK is very easy to use, you just need to install the Redbox TV APK app to your Android device to start using the app. The app is having a very user-friendly design where all of the things are well arranged in Categories and subcategories. It will make your work easy to find your favorite live TV channel from the thousand. Even there is a feature where you can make a custom list of all of your favorite TV channels.


Redbox TV APK

How To Download The Redbox TV APK

The process of downloading and installing the app is very easy, it will just take you a few minutes to complete the installation. Below we are sharing you the exact steps to get installed the app on your device.

Note: first you need to allow your Android smartphone to install applications from the unknown sources. To allow you have to visit phone setting and have to make some changes.

  • Go to phone setting
  • Now go to general
  • Now tap on security
  • Tap on the unknown sources options to allow

If you do not want to make any changes to the settings, then you can leave it. It will ask you while installing to allow unknown sources.


  • Download the Apk: Just download the Redbox TV Apk from the above-given download link, or click here.
  • Tap on the file: Once the download is done, tap on the downloaded Redbox TV Apk file to start installing.
  • Allow unknown Source: if you already made changes to the setting, it will not ask you to allow unknown sources but if not kindly allow it.
  • You are done: Within a minute it will be installed to your device.


Media Players Support: The app supports all of the famous and most popular media players. You can stream by using any of the media players like MXplayer, 321 players or else. The best part is you do not need to install any specific media player to use for this app. You can use your pre-installed media player for Redbox TV.

A lightweight App: it is not like other apps which need more space in your phone, the app is very responsive and lightweight because it is built with the minimalistic approach. So you do not require to have a lot of much space in your device for installing and using the app.

Easy to use by anyone: Any users with basic knowledge can use the app, it is simple and having a very user-friendly interface. You just need to download and install, once it is done you have to just scroll and select your favorite TV for live streaming.

Good Support Team: There are many developers who regularly work on the app to make it error free but if still you find a bug and want to suggest something. You can report to the support, they are having a great support to take action over your query.

Huge Channels Option: The app provides you the option to stream more than 1000+ live TV. Even they are on the way to add more channels to the database in future months. So with Redbox TV, you have a lot of options to choose your favorite.

Separate Favorite List: As I tell you that the app is having the option of more than 1000 TV channels in many different languages. So you can choose and make your own list of your favorite channels.

Open Source: You do not need to pay single penny for using the app, it is totally free, just need to install and use the app.

Redbox TV For Windows PC

The app is not having an official Windows version but still, if you want to use the app on the wider screen of your windows pc. Then you can use any Android emulator to get installed the app on your Windows PC. The process to do this is simple, below we explain the details just follow it.

Download any Android Emulators for your PC. You can use any emulator as per your choice. We will refer you to download Bluestack, it is simple and easy. We are assuming you downloaded the Bluestack.

redbox TV on windows

Install emulator: Now tap on the Bluestack file to start installing, it will take a few minutes to get installed.

Install the APK on Bluestack: Now open the Bluestack app after installation and install the Redbox TV Apk. You can download Redbox TV APK from here.

You are done, the app is installed to Bluesatck, you can now use it now on your Windows pc

Redbox TV For MAC

Using the app on Mac PC requires the same steps to windows pc. Here too you have to install an Android emulator for your MAC PC. You can download and install any Android Mac Emulator as per your choice to start using the Redbox TV on MAC.

  1. Download an Android emulator for mac
  2. Install the emulator
  3. Download the Apk file of Redbox TV
  4. Install it on Emulator
  5. You are done

Redbox TV on Firestick

Firestick is the best option to replace the boring cable tv in your home, where you do not have any control over movies, timing etc. Firestick allows you to sync mobile applications to your TV that way you can watch whatever you want, at any time.

Firestick is a device made by the Amazon which helps you to play mobile application on TV. So if you are one who is having firestick or planning to purchase firestick and want to know that, is it possible to use Redbox TV On firestick?

Then yes you can use Redbox TV on firestick device, below we are going to explain the steps for you.

Open firestick device: Turn on your firestick device by simply using the remote access.

Allow your device for unknown sources: Because you are going to install an application from the unknown source then you have to allow your device for unknown sources.

  • Come home
  • Tap on settings
  • Tap on device option
  • Tap on developer settings
  • Allow unknown sources

Downloader App: Now you need to download the downloader app on your device, to download it simply visit the home and click on the search option to find the app.

  • Visit home
  • Tap on the search option
  • Type downloader
  • Tap on the result
  • Download it
  • Open the app

Make changes: Now option the downloader app and make changes to the setting. Simply go to setting and enable javascript

Download Redbox TV: Simply go to the browser app in firestick and type and download the APK file. Once the download is done, install it. Under a minute it will be installed on your device.

Now enjoy the features of Redbox TV On firestick

Redbox TV On Smart TV

Smart TV works simply like a mobile device with a bigger screen size. By using smart tv you can use any mobile app on your TV with simple remote access.

Allow Unknown sources: Here too you have to allow your smart tv for the unknown sources, just go to the device setting.

  • Visit setting
  • Tap on the security setting
  • Allow unknown sources

Download app: Now simple back to home screen, go to browser bar to search and download Redbox TV to install.

Install the Application: After download, you can simply tap on the downloaded Redbox TV APK file to start the installation.

Redbox TV On Android BOX

Redbox TV On Android BOX

Yes you can also use this amazing app called the Redbox TV on Android BOX TV by simply following the given steps

Connect your Android Box And TV: You need to use an HMDI port to connect android Box to your TV. HMDI port comes with every modern tv so first check your TV is having the option to plug HMDI port or not.

Now set your TV: simply turn on your TV and Android box, and follow the instructions you can see on the television screen to complete the setup.

Now make changes to the setting: Now you have to visit the setting to allow unknown sources.

  • Go to Setting
  • Now tap on the option “security and restriction”
  • Turn on the unknown sources

Further Process

  1. Now come back to your home screen and search for the official website in the browser
  2. Download the official Apk file
  3. Tap on the downloaded Redbox TV APK file to finish the installation
  4. Once the installation is done, you will see the App option on the home screen

Redbox TV Like Apps

Amazon Prime: It is a premium app which needed to buy the subscription before use. The service is provided by the Amazon which is a popular e-commerce platform. The app is best for those who love to watch newly released movies and TV shows.

Showbox: It is a free app like Redbox TV which does not require any subscription. The app is for the movies and tv shows in English and Hindi. But mostly the app is dedicated toward the Hollywood English movies and all of the popular TV series.

Terrarium TV: Terrarium TV is the same as Showbox, it is the app for Movies and TV series for the Android smartphone. In term of quality the app provides you HD quality videos and here you can stream all of the latest released movies for free.

Netflix: It is also a premium application which requires you to pay a monthly subscription. It is not for free like Redbox, but it also contains many premium features which any other apps do not allow you.

Is Redbox TV legal?

No Redbox TV is not a legal app for Android users that is why it is not listed at Google Play store. You can not find the app on Google Play store, to download the app you have to visit the official site or any APK download site.

Yes Redbox TV is not legal but it does not mean that you can not use the app on your phone. There is no harm in using the app, the app does not contain any kind of virus or malware which gonna affect your device.

What To Do If Redbox TV Does Not Work?

Many users complain that many times the app refused to work, in that case, you can check the app for the update. If you are using any previous version of the app, then you update your app fo the latest version for the trouble-free uses. But if still, the problem occurs you can uninstall the a and then re-install the app.

Redbox TV Without Ads?

No there is not any subscription-based ads-free version of the app where you can use the app without ads. Ads are the main source of generating revenue out of the app. There is not any ads free version.

What to do when you find any issue with Redbox TV?

If you find any continuing issue with the app then you can freely contract to their support and report about the issue. They are having  active team to work on the users report about the issue.

About The App

  • Name Of App: Redbox TV
  • Type Of App: Live TV Show
  • Category: Streaming
  • System Recruitment: Android
  • Type Of Licence: Free
  • Released By: Redbox TV

The Ultimate Guide To Use Redbox TV Live TV App

Redbox TV is an app for live tv where you can stream 1000+ live tv channels from 15+ countries. You just need to download and install the Redbox TV APK File to your smartphone to start using the app.

We all love watching TV. Television shows and movies have always been there for us when we need them. When you are sad, when you are lazy or when you just want to enjoy a peaceful holiday inside your home. Your TV and TV shows have always been their to keep you company.

But, today in our all busy and hectic day to day schedule, we fairly get a chance to sit back, relax and watch our favorite TV shows and movies without having to complain or worry about the time constrain we are chained with. Thus, it is just nearly impossible to switch on our Television and enjoy watching it like we used to once upon a time. And, obviously we cannot do without watching our favorite TV shows also. So what do we do ? We bring in REDBOX TV into our life.

Redbox TV


Redbox TV without any doubt is one of the best application you will come across today. You want to watch and enjoy your favorite TV channels wherever you go and when ever you want ? Then RedBox TV is just the app you had been looking for.

The Redbox TV app lets you watch and enjoy over a 1000+ channels from across 15 different countries like India, Malaysia, Germany and much more. And trust me 1000+ channels are a whole lot channels to dive into. With those many channels from so many countries you will just never feel bored. It is certain that Redbox TV app.

In short, it is basically your mini TV with a much larger collection of TV channels then your normal TV and Cable or DTH connection. And most importantly you get all this without having to pay a single cent. Yes, all of this is absolutely for “FREE”.

How to download and install Redbox TV on Android ?

Alright, now that we know about “ What REDBOX TV is and what it can do for us “, let us jump into the section where I guide you through the basic and simple steps to download, install and run the application on your android device.

But, before that let us just quickly skim over the few requisite you need before you go on downloading and installing the app.


  1. Platform: Android OS
  2. Android Version: Android 4.0 and above
  3. Minimum Storage space: 33.1 MB
  4. Recommended RAM: 2 GB

Thus, since we have checked mark the pre-requisite now lets get started with the downloading and installation process.

  1. First, download the REDBOX TV app from here
  2. Once, you have downloaded the file. Then you need to go on to your mobile settings and under the General or System sections select the Security option and switch on the tab for Unknown sources.

NOTE : The reason we do this is because generally your android device will not allow any kind of apps from unknown sources to get installed. Thus, we need to change the permission option while installing the RedboxTV app as it is not yet listed in Google Play store. This is the very reason the services are free as the app is not listed in Google’s Play store.

  1. Now, since that is done the rest is all simple and easy. You will need to click on the APK file and let the installation automatically take place.
  2. Once, all that is done. All you need to do is run the Redbox TV app and enjoy.

How to download and install Redbox TV on Windows and Mac PC?

Since, this app is primarily an android application, there are no Windows or Mac version available for this app. You need to first download and install an android emulator application before you can run the Redbox TV app on your PC or laptop running on Windows or Mac Operating Systems. Thus, you need to be first walked through the guide manual on how to download and install the Android emulator app and then we can simply carry on with the later part of installing and running the app on your PC.

In this guide we will be using the NOX emulator app. There are a number of other emulator apps available from which you can select like Bluestack, Droid 4X, Genymotion and others.

  1. You need to first download the NOX emulator application on to your PC.
  2. For the second step, you will need to install the downloaded exe file. It is a self explanatory process so you wont have any trouble with that.
  3. Once, you are done with installing the NOX app, you then need to sign-in into your Gmail account. You will not be able to use it if you are not signed in. Thus, we recommend you to create a goggle account if you do not have one.
  4. Then, once you have logged in, the app is pretty much like your everyday android device. You need to then download the REDBOX TV app and simply drag the file and drop it into the NOX window.
  5. After that the app will automatically install itself and then all you need to do is simply open the app and enjoy streaming live channels.

Redbox TV For Android TV BOX

Having the Redbox TV app on your Android TV can let you enjoy live tv on the bigger screen of your Android TV. Downloading and installing the app on Android TV is easy and similar to installing the application on an Android device.

In the market many company’s Android TV Box available like WeTek Play 2, FireTV, Xiaomi Mi Box, Nvidia Shield, Matricom G-Box Q² etc. These are some of the best Android BOX you can purchase from the market for the best experience. If you are already having an Android Box or planning to purchase then you can easily install the amazing Redbox TV on Android TV BOX without rooting the device, because the app is itself an Android application.

Redbox Tv For Android Box

First, you need to allow unknown sources

Allowing unknown source to your Android TV is compulsory, without doing this you can not install the app. So make sure your Android Box is on for the Unknow sources.

You can do this by making some changes to the device setting. go to the main setting and select “Security & Restrictions” and there under the security setting, you can find the option to turn on the Unknow sources.

if you are unable to see any option called “Security & Restrictions”, then find the option named “preference” and tap on the more setting. Then select the security options where you can allow unknown source.

Downloading Redbox TV APK On Android Box

To download the Redbox TV apk latest version simply open your Android box browser. You can find the browser in the App section. In the browser copy and paste this link to start download automatically.

In some of the device instead of automatically download, a new tab open with a link. so you can long press to the link with the help of the device remote and wait till it shows some options. From the given option you have to select the “Open” option.

Installing The Redbox TV On Android Box

Now it is time to install the app on the Android TV box after downloading.

So go the file manager of the device. If in case you are unable to see the file manager on the home screen, you can go to the app section to find.

Once the file manager is opened, go to the local drive and search for the download folder and open downloaded Redbox TV APK file.

As you will tap on the Apk file it will show you a window with the option to install. Just select the option install and within a few seconds, it will be completely installed to the device.

After finishing installation process, you can find and open the application from the App section. When you open the Redbox TV on Android Tv Box for the first time it will ask to accept Disclaimers etc. so simply accept all and you are done.


Lastly, now let us look at some of the key features this awesome app has to offer.


This app is well compatible and supports a number of popular players like MX Player, Web Player and 321 Player. Thus, you will have no trouble playing your desired content without much trouble. Moreover, the app comes with its very own XYZ player which is developed by the very same Redbox TV team.


The interface of the app has been made very well with different categories divided separately by different genres. Thus, making it easier for you to find your desired content without much trouble.


This by far is the most important feature of them all. The fact that their service is free is enough a reason to try out this app. The app is very light weighted and at the same time responsive.


Well it is not always that you will come across all running streams. There are times when some or the other stream might be broken or down due to some reason. You can then simply report the issue with the built in reporting feature and get it solved as quickly as possible.

How To Use Redbox TV For Chromecast

Do you know the most frustrating thing about watching movies and other videos on mobile phones? It is the small screen of the smartphone, the small screen size of the smartphone phone decreased the movies watching experience. It is best when you are traveling but when you at home then you will prefer to watch movies on your big screen of your LED TV.

If you are having the Chromecast device at your home then you can easily configure the Redbox TV to the Chromecast where you can watch any of your favorite film on the big screen in full HD.

To configure the Redbox TV with the Chromecast your Chromecast device must have the app like,

  • Local Cast
  • BubbleUpnP
  • Webvideocast

The most required thing to do all of this is a working internet connection with good speed, sometimes peoples try to run with their mobile hotspot connections or any slow normal internet connection. So in this case, you can suffer and the chromecast will not perform well.

First, you must have the Redbox TV app on your phone, if you already have it then ok, otherwise, download the Redbox TV Apk from here and install it to your phone.

Then you need to download two software on your phone

  1. MX player
  2. Local cast

Then go to the app and start streaming any of the movies, when you click on the movie streaming link it will ask to choose the media player so choose the MX player.

Now in the top right corner, you can see three dots, you need to tap on the dots

Now some option will start to appear, choose the following options given below

  • Tool
  • Share
  • Local cast

As you will tap on the option “Local cast” it will show you your chromecast name.

You are done, just select your chromecast device name and start using the Redbox TV on Chromecast

User Guide For Redbox TV On Firestick

Well if you have searched or followed the following article here. There is a high possibility, you already know what a Firestick is or what can it do. But, still for the sake of those of you who might have just come here out of curiosity and don’t know much about Firestick let me just briefly sum it up for you.

What is Firestick or Amazon Fire TV stick ?

Well to put it simply, the Amazon Fire TV stick is a small pen drive like device which basically gives you the ability to carry your whole entertainment package with you wherever you go and whenever you want it. And by entertainment I mean everything. From your daily soap serials to your most trending and recent movie releases. You will literally find everything here that you might need to keep yourself entertained and free of boredom.

This Amazon Fire TV Stick comes with a number of media provider services like Prime video, Netflix, Hulu, Sling and so on, which due to obvious reason does not come for free. In order to watch your favourite and desired content you will get charged.

In short Amazon TV stick is basically a very small DTH machine which you can carry easily anywhere you want, plug it in any television set and enjoy anywhere and anytime you want. However, the only little thing is you need to pay for the media services available there to be able to watch your favourite TV shows and Movies.

But, there is a good news for you. It is not always required to watch and stream your favourite shows and movies from the paid services only. Now, you can also enjoy your favourite content without having the need to pay a single penny. And, I think you have already guessed the answer to it. Yes, you can use the Redbox TV free media streaming app on Firestick to watch your favourite TV shows and Movies. So, without any further delay let us see and understand the steps involved in installing and setting up the Redbox TV app on your Amazon Fire TV Stick device.

How to install Redbox TV APP on Firestick ?

  • Firstly, you will need to plug in your Firestick device into your television set and switch it on.
  • Then once the home screen gets displayed, go to the Firestick Settings option.
  • After you are in the settings option, you will find a Device option. You need to click on it and then tap on the Developer option.
  • Once done with that then you will be next taken to the developer section where you will find a number of options, out of which you need to find and select the option – Enable apps from Unknown sources.
  • After doing all this go back to your home screen and then search for “Downloader” in the search box available in the homescreen itself.
  • The simply download the downloader app and install it.
  • Then go to the app settings and enable javascript.  
  • Once that is done, go to the search box in the browser menu and type in and press enter.
  • Now once you are in the official redbox tv site. Just download the app and install it.
  • Lastly, once your installation is done simply select the Redbox TV app on your Firestick TV homescreen and Voila ! You are all set to dive in the sea of free entertainment.

Redbox TV APK Alternatives


Showbox is an Android streaming application where you can watch any of your favorite film for free. The app is the best place for watching the latest English movies within a week. Any latest released English movie adds to the app to the app within a week in good quality. But if you are okay to compromise little with the quality of video then you can watch the newly released movies within two days.

The app is not just about movies, here you can watch all of your favorite tv series. The app contains all of the popular tv shows like Games of throne, Viking, vampire diaries and all other remaining.


  • Open source so you do not need to pay for the app
  • Thousands of movies and tv shows options
  • Can watch new English movies within a week
  • A user-friendly advance interface
  • Can download the video for offline view

Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an app for Android, windows, and MAC where you can access movies online from torrents. The app is very easy to install and use, here you can watch almost all of the popular and known movies in HD quality. The app is open source so you do not need to pay anything to use the app. The app is not legal because it let you stream and download copyright content so you use the app on your risk. You can download the movies for offline view or you can go for the online streaming.


  • Download movies for the Offline view without internet
  • Multi-Platform application with a great user interface
  • Watch the latest movies
  • Hd quality of videos


TeaTV is an Android, windows and mac software to discover and access movies, TV shows and actors with an awesome user interface where you can find movies with few clicks. The best part you do not need to pay for any kind of subscription of the app, the app is completely free to download and use with its compete features.

On the application you can watch movies in HD, it provides you the option to stream video from 480 PX to 1080 PX.


  1. Free to download and use
  2. 1080 PX quality HD videos
  3. A user-friendly interface with many filter and search option
  4. Thousands of movies and tv shows

Morpheus TV

If you are using Android and looking for any entertainment solution for free for streaming then you should try Morpheus TV. On the app, you are not going to find the list etc on behalf of genre or else. Instead on the app, you can search the films and tv shows to find the best streaming and download links. The app is very new but contain some really cool features and very easy to use.

After the Terrarium TV get dead Morpheus TV because of the best alternatives and people love it because it is much better than the Terrarium TV.


  • Many streaming and download links
  • Easy to use the app
  • HD quality streaming links

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