How To Download TeaTV APK For Android, Windows And MAC (Complete User Guide)

TeaTV is a streaming app for Android, IOS, MAC, and windows. It helps you to stream movies & tv shows for free in your desired device. If you are one who loves to watch movies and tv shows, or if you are one whose best pastime is movies watching then this app called “Teatv APK” is for you. Where you can watch movies on up to 1080 PX quality. Every week some new movies released but it is not possible to go to the theater and watch each of your favorite movies every week. But if you are having TeaTV app in your device then you can watch your favorite movie anytime and anywhere.

To use the TeaTV APK simply click on the below download link and follow the given installation steps. All of this will take more than a minute to be done.  The app TeaTV can be installed to your Android, Windows, MAC, Firestick, Roku, Chromecast, Smart TV, Android Box and other devices. And the app is free so it do not need to pay anything to use the app features.

Not just movies the App is having all of the popular TV series like Vikings, Games of Thrones etc. To watch all of these on Netflix you have to pay around 800 to 1000 INR each month. But Here with the TeaTV you can watch premium TV series for free without compromising with the quality of the video.

How To Download And Install TeaTV APK On Android

Above we are sharing the direct Teatv APK download link, just click on the download button to get downloaded the app APK file.

teatv apk for Android

Once the APK is downloaded follow the following steps

Allow the unknown sources in your Android: You can simply do it by just making some changes to your Phone setting. When you download and try to install the APK file on android from another source, you need to allow the sources. Follow the steps for this

  • Setting
  • Click on general
  • Now enter on security settings
  • Allow the unknown sources

Tap On the download APK file: Simple visit your download folder and tap on the downloaded TeaTV Apk file to start the installation.

Wait for a minute: You will see a message to wait, so just wait and within a minute it will be installed to your Android Device.

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TeaTV On Windows | Complete Installation Guide

Yes, they are having an official version of TeaTV For Windows to watch thousands of movies and TV shows directly on your windows computer, PC, and laptop.

Android phones come with a limited screen size which can decrease your movies watching experience. But after having TeaTV On windows you can enjoy on a bigger screen.

How To download TeaTV On windows

Below is the direct download link of TeaTV for Windows, simply click on the download button and wait till it downloads. Downloading time depend on your internet speed, with a good internet speed it will just take a few minutes.

Note: To use TeaTV on windows device, your windows version must be 7+. It only supports 8, 8.1 and 10 version of Microsoft Windows.

Once download, follow the steps

  • Tap On downloaded file: simply tap on the download file
  • Allow: It will ask you to allow and trust the source, so tap on yes
  • Wait for a minute: within a minute it will installed on your device
  • enjoy

The best part, there are many apps like TeaTV but all of them are just for Android, you have to use an Android emulator to use all of those apps on your Windows PC.

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TeaTV For MAC | User Guide For Installtion

Yes, the app is also having the official MAC version too which means you can enjoy the TeaTV on MAC. It is best for the MAC users, now they do not need to spend their money to buy any kind of streaming app subscription to watch all of their favorite TV shows and movies on their MAC device.

How To Download And Install TeaTV For MAC

Below we are sharing a download link to directly download the TeaTV On MAC, simply click on the download link and wait till it completely downloads.

Steps once download is finished

Tap On The File: once the download finish, just tap on that file.

Allow: it will ask you to allow the app source, so allow it

Wait: Now the installation is started, simply wait for few minutes and it will added to your Mac device


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TeaTV For IPhone/IOS

teatv for apple

There is not any official version of the TeaTV released for the iPhone and iPad users. The app is only for the Android, Windows, and MAC. So you can not use the app on your iPhone & IPad. I know that it is sad because TeaTV is having lots of great features, as well as it is free. Streaming content on Netflix and iTunes is much expensive.

But you can do one thing to avoid sadness still after not having TeaTV For iPhone. You can try the alternative apps to TeaTV for iPhone which are free like TeaTV.

Crackle: It is a good option for the IOS users to watch movies for free. The app is free to download and use.

Tubi TV: The company is founded by Farhad Massoudi, Thomas Ahn Hicks in 2014 where you can enjoy movies and TV shows. It is best for those who loves watching animes.

Movies Dairy: The app is best for those who want to avoid paid streaming apps like Netflix and iTunes on iPhone & IPad. The app helps you to stream thousands of movies and all for free.

TeaTV On Roku

TeaTV On Roku

As IOS there is not any official version of the TeaTV for Roku, and even you will not get any guide or tutorial on the official site about to use Teatv On Roku. Here we are explaining the exact way to use the app on your Roku device. Just follow the steps given below.

First, you need the TeaTV latest APK file and have to install it on your device. If you already have the app on your device. Skip this step.

To download TeaTV APK simply visit here and click on the download button. The latest APK version will be downloaded to your device. Once it is downloaded simply tap on the file to finish the installation.

Now you need Local cast App

Simply visit the app store and search for the Local cast app and download it.

Note: Please check that your local cast device and smartphone are connected with the same wifi.

Now open your app and on the app screen, you see a yellow button. As you will click you will see the options for all available streaming device.

You also see an option “change the scan active for”, you just need to tap on change and then click ok for the Roku.

Now come back to home screen of the app and select any movie which you want to stream. Tap on the streaming link and then click on Play with.

Then simply choose the option Local cast and then choose Roku. As you choose the option Roku, you can see the movie streaming on your Roku device.

Now it is done

TeaTV On Firestick

If you are willing to use TeaTV on firestick, then below is the users guide for firestick.

Simply visit your firestick.

First, you need to allow your firestick to accept applications from the unknown sources.

To allow firestick for unknown sources, simply visit the setting, and then go to device setting and then choose developers options. Here you will see the option of Unknow sources, so tap it to allow.

Now download downloader app

Simply come back to the home screen and tap on the search bar and search for the app called “downloader”. As you will click on the app result you will see the option to download the app. So download it.

As you will open the downloader app, it will ask you to allow so kindly allow it.

Now as you will click on the browser bar it will show you message to allow the javascript. So click ok

Now in the browser bar type “” and click on the “download TeaTV APK” button

You see that downloading will start. Wait till it completed. As the downlaod finish click on the install. Within a minute it will installed to your device.

Now again it will return to the TeaTV app windows, here you have to tap on delete.

The app is now installed to your firestick device, visit home screen and tap on the TeaTV icon to start using the app.

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How To Use TeaTV On Chromecast

To use TeaTV on Chromecast you need to have an Android device. Because as we tell you before that there is not any official version of the app for iPhone. So if you are an iPhone user you cannot use TeaTV App on Chromecast device.

Also, check that your Chromecast and Android device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

  1. Download the app to your phone. If already having the app on your smartphone skip this step
  2. Download “local cast” app from Play Store
  3. Open the app on your phone
  4. On the app screen, you will see a “yellow button”, tap it
  5. Tap on “change the scan active for” Option
  6. Click on “Chromecast”
  7. Come back to App Home Screen
  8. Now select any “movie or TV series” to stream
  9. Tap on the “streaming link”
  10. Choose “play with”
  11. Select “local cast”
  12. Now choose chromecast option
  13. Enjoy

This is a simple way to use the TeaTV for chromecast. In case if you find any error while doing this. Feel free to let us know about the error.

TeaTV On Android Box

Steps to download and install the TeaTV for Android box is similar to downloading it for Android. The steps are completely similar, so if you are having the App your Android Smartphone then you know who to install it on Android BOX.

You are just three steps away.

  1. Allow unknown source for Android Box
  2. Download the TeaTV APK
  3. Install the downloaded APK file to Android BOX device.

How to Allow Unknown sources In Android BOX

To allow unknown sources, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the “Setting”
  2. Now select the “more setting” option
  3. Then choose “security” settings
  4. Allow “unknown sources”

Download APK

In the beginning of the post there is a direct download link of the app, so you can download the APK file from there. Or click here

Install the app

  • Come to Android Box home screen
  • Go to the “app section”
  • Select “ES file explorer” (If you are not having it, kindly download it from the Play store)
  • Choose “Local”
  • Choose “download”
  • Select the downloaded “APK file”
  • Tap on install
  • Wait till installation finish

TeaTV Without Ads

The app is not having any other separate ads free version of the app. There is a single version of the apps which you can download from the official website or any other APK downloading site including us for free.

TeaTV Alternatives

Showbox: it is the biggest competitor to the app, it is one of the most popular and one of the oldest surviving streaming app for movies and TV shows for free on Android. Officially the app is only for Android. To use it on Windows and Mac you have to use an Android emulator.

Terrarium TV: it is the second biggest competitor of the app after the Showbox. and It is the number 1 competitive to this Showbox. It is having a similar concept and little bit similar design to the Showbox. But in the few years, terrarium TV witnessed huge growth in the number of users.

These are not the only competitors and alternative to TeaTV. There are many like Moviebox, Popcorn Time, Playbox HD, Cartoon HD and lot more.

TeaTV TV Terrarium TV

If we compare the app to the Terrarium TV, we can say it is quite good. And the best part with lacks in Terrarium TV that it is not for the windows and Mac Operating System, Which is the biggest drawback. Windows and Mac users need to use an Android emulator to use the Terrarium TV app on their devices. But other side TeaTV is having an official version for the windows and Mac. And the app is very new in comparison to the terrarium TV app, so we can hope in future it will beat terrarium TV.

TeaTV vs Showbox

If we compare the app to the most famous Showbox App, TeaTV is very new and need many improvements to match Showbox. But yes TeaTV is very improvised in many ways in comparison to the Showbox.

TeaTV Vs Popcorn Time

Definitely, it is the biggest alternative to the Popcorn time for streaming on Android. But TeaTV contains many new features which lack in Popcorntime.


Is App Safe? Or Is app Unsafe?

yes, the app is completely safe to use. There is no harm in using the app for any of your devices. It does not contain any kind of virus or Malware or any other harmful virus which will affect your device. But still, if you do not want to take any kind of risk, then you can scan the app APK file after downloading.

Is it legal? Or Is it Illegal?

It is right that the app is not unsafe to use, but it is not a legal app because it is stream content without the permission of the original film and TV series producers. Means it is a completely piracy and piracy can never be legal. so in simple term, TeaTV is not a legal app but it is safe to use.

Is App Working? OR What happened to TeaTV? Or Is it shut down?

Yes, the app is completely working, there is not any official error about the app. If you are facing any kind of issue, we will suggest you to check the app for the update or you can reinstall it after uninstall. This way you can fix the error, but if still, the problem occurs you can visit the official website and try to report about the error.

Is it free? Or Is it Open source?

Yes, TeaTV is a completely open source app. You do not need to pay anything to use the app, it is free. Anyone can start using the app just after installation without purchasing any kind of subscription or doing any hidden payments.

How does TeaTV work? How to use TeaTV?

Using the app is completely simple from the home screen you just need to select from the movies and TV series. And simply click on the Play to start streaming online. The app provides both the options to the users, you can download the films or you can stream online.

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