Google Docs Image Behind Text | How To Get Text Over Image In Google DOCS?

If you are trying to put a background image in the Google docs then sorry to let you know that it is not possible. You can not put any kind of background to the google docs, because it is Microsoft office product. Just think can you put any background to your Microsoft office software, or you ever see that? No, because it is not possible.

But you can Get Text Over Image In Google Docs, here is the way to do this.

To get text over image in Google Docs simply visit the insert and tap to drawing to find an option to select an image. You can directly copy paste the image or can upload from your Dropbox, local pc storage etc. Once the image is uploaded, tap on the text icon and type whatever you want to type. And click save to get it in your document.

 Text Over Image In Google DOCS

Here Is The Detailed Guide To Get Text Over Image In Google Docs

Visit Google DOCS: Simply search for the Google Docs in the Google or can visit this link

Go to Google Docs

Go to Google Docs: Now tap on the “go to google docs” option

Go to Google Docs

Now select a Document: So simply choose the first option “Blank”

Now select a Document

Choose Insert: Now simply choose insert from the top menu. As you will click here many options will show you.

Choose Insert

Choose Drawing: Now you have to choose the third option Drawing from the menu

Choose Drawing

Tap on Image Icon: The last option in the menu is to choose an image, so kindly select it.

Tap on Image Icon:

Upload an Image: There you will find various option to upload an image, choose any of your desired options and upload an image. And wait till image upload finish.

Upload an Image

Type text: Just before the image option there is the text option, click here to start typing text over your image.

Choose Style: There are various options to choose a style of image, like color, text front etc. So you can customize the text according to you.

Choose Save & Close: once all set and you are done with the customization with your text, simply click “save & close”

You are done.

How To Resize your image

Once you will click on the option save & close your image will come to the Google docs in the default size. So here if you want to fit your image according to your document, simply tap on the image and select the Break text and resize according to you.

How To Make Images From Google Drive

Yes, you can also use google drive for this work, it is also simple like google docs. To do this simply go to the new and then choose more and select Google drawing. Now resize the size, once it has done, further steps are same like google docs.

What Is Google Docs

Google docs help you to online access the major programs of Microsoft office, like DOCS, Exel, and slides. You can easily access all of this program online for free. Here you can create a new document, edit any previous document, can save & store documents and lot more.

So if you are not having Microsoft office in your pc and do not want to invest your money in buying Microsoft office for your pc. So the best option is simply go to Google docs and use it. To use the Google office products you just need an internet connection and a smartphone or PC. To use it on the smartphone you can download the app from the play store.

What Is The Use Of Text Over Image In Google DOCS

You can make feature images for your blog post. Featured image make your blog post much interesting and give an attractive look. By having the title of blog post on feature image, can help you in marketing. So you can make blogs post featured image for you.

Can make images for the Guest post: You can make text and image-based featured images for guest posts. It will provide much value to your guest post and they will easily accept it.

Can make some short infographic images; You can make images to use in between your blogs articles. You can there explain some point or can quote something. These kinds of images can help you to generate tons of backlinks for your blog.

How To Download Your Image To PDF, JPG, PNG etc.

If instead of using your image in your document if you want to download it and want to use it anywhere else. Then you can download your image in these following extension files.

  1. .Png
  2. JPG
  3. .PDF
  4. .SVG

How To do this

Click on “downlaod as” and select your desired file format.

  • Tap on the image
  • Click on Action
  • Click download as
  • Select the format

How To Upload Your Image To Google Drive

Yes if you do not want to waste your pc storage with the images or other files so simply you can store to drive. You can easily store anything on Google Drive for the lifetime for free. It is simple, safe and free.

How to do this

Download Image: First download the image as we explained in your desired format.

Go to Google Drive: Then go to Google and search for the Google drive

Enter Google Drive: Tap on the button “Go to google drive”

Enter Menu: Click new from the menu

Upload Your File: Select file upload

Choose file

And upload it.

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